VHX Series

SAN-EI's V series air hoist can help users improve work effiency with the following features :

> High speed to low speed

   Lift speed can be controlled from high to low speed to meet your work's demand.

> Simple speed controls

   With the push button type, speed can be controlled by the touch applied to the button. With    the string type, by how the string is pulled.

> Smoother Operability

   The newly introduced unique structure provides smoother operability, easier handling and    quick response.

> Compact and light-weight

   The weight is very light compared with electrical chainblocks of the same capacity.

> High Durability for use in high temperature and humidity

   This hoist enables the use of this product even in inflammble gas.

> Effective braking

   Durable pneumatic brake enebles safety stop.

Model Configuration