Hand Chain Hoist

> Steel Formed Cases

   Both gear and hand chain wheel are protected by hydraulic drew cases which is ideally shaped    and rugged to be able to withstand external shock.

> Double Housing Protection

   Hand wheel and brake are designed as the protection to prevent wet and dirt.

> Brake Mechanism

   No matter how heavy the load, the brake works instanly when operation stopped; the lining    material is non-asbestos with long lifetime.

> Dual Ratchet Pawis

   Dual Ratchet Pawls are applied for extra safety purpose. In case one ratchet pawls fails, the    other still maintains its mechacnical brake function.

> Load Chain Guide

   Ensure the load chain proper fitting the load sheave during operation and protect the load    sheave from wet and dirt.

> Bushing

   finished by surface hardened treatment and polish procedure serves to increase the mechanical    effiency and reduce the hand chain pull force.

> Chain Stopper

   Work as the lower limit to prevent over travelling during lowering the load.

> Load Chain

   Applying grade 80 alloy chain specially calibrates for manual hoist an conform to ISO and DIN    standart.

> Upper & Lower Hooks

   Hooks wih hot forged and heat treatment allow to be swiveled 360 and are equipped with    safety latch to ensure proper hooking the load.

Model Configuration